5 Ways to Effectively Promote Workplace Diversity

With over 36 percent of the individuals in the workforce being people of color and being that the internet makes it possible to do more international communicating than ever, diversity is becoming something that more and more companies are seeking to establish within their own offices. Not only does this reflect the signs of times, but there are also various studies to support the fact that the encouragement of diversity also makes for a more productive professional atmosphere as well. Continue reading 5 Ways to Effectively Promote Workplace Diversity

Corporate Event Trends: Top Ideas for 2014

Along with so many features of the event planning and experimental marketing industries, the face of client and corporate entertainment has changed significantly over the last decade. Whereas formal evening gatherings and gala dinners dominated this market space in previous years, increasing competition in the events industry has created a host of new and creative ideas for brands to treat their most discerning of clients. While traditional event formats are still widely used, businesses today have a far greater range of options in terms of organizing client entertainment and networking with potential collaborators.

The Top 3 Trends in Client Entertainment: Ideas for 2014

With this in mind, what are the 3 most significant trends in client entertainment for 2014, and how are events companies incorporating them into their range of products?

1. Themed Quiz Events and Comedy Nights

The huge range of television channels now accessible to consumers has popularized a string of 1980s and 1990s quiz favourites, and these add a genuine sense of occasion to the traditional quiz night format. National favourites such Family Fortunes, the Generation Game and Catchphrase are capturing the imagination of a new generation of television viewers, and this has provided forward thinking event planners with the opportunity to capitalize and replicate these formats in the form of live client entertainment. The demand for engaging, real-time events is also making comedy nights popular with corporate teams, with outlets such as the Comedy Carnival providing firms with access to the countries leading comedians.

2 Recreational Pub Sport Challenges

The continued revitalization of much loved pub sports is gathering genuine pace, as activities such as darts and snooker are experiencing a renaissance beneath the gaze of the public eye. They are therefore also entering the modern event planners conscience, with the result that the pub game Olympics is becoming a rewarding way to entertain clients and teams while tapping into their competitive nature. This all contributes towards delivering an overall guest experience, and one that challenges participants as well as satisfying them.

3. Creative Arts and Activities

Another theme that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the events industry is crafts and the creative arts, where groups are encouraged to learn a skill and make something that can stand as a memento of the occasion. Again this is provides something of a unique experience, and in terms of client entertainment this will afford them the opportunity to enjoy an activity that might otherwise remain beyond them. The Concoction of fragrances and cocktails are the most popular examples of this, and these challenges also foster a great deal of team work and unity among all participants.

The Bottom Line: What Trends are Set to Evolve beyond 2014?

These trends are already making their presence felt in the events planning industry, but what does the next 12-18 months hold in terms of breaking new ground? Well businesses should keep their finger pressed firmly on the pulse of how live corporate events are evolving, as these are set to become even mote popular and diverse as 2014 progresses. With an emphasis on creating a memorable experience for both clients and consumers, brands can use these types of occasion reward their partners and further a genuine relationship between different parties.

How to Create a CRM Strategy for Your Business in 5 Steps

Are you someone who has a new company? Or perhaps you’ve owned one for a couple of years and business is simply not what it used to be. In either case, in order to improve the productivity of your company, it’s important that you create what is known as a Customer Relationship Management strategy. Continue reading How to Create a CRM Strategy for Your Business in 5 Steps

Weighing the Pros and Cons Before Starting a Construction Business

Starting a construction business is unlike starting any other kind of business. The reason why it is such a challenge is because there a lot of startup costs involved. Indeed, it can be quite costly to start any business, but construction takes the cake – not only do you need expensive permits, but you also need heavy duty tools and machines to complete your jobs. When it comes down to it, though, if you have the startup capital – perhaps from an investor or a pooled source of startup cash – starting a construction and building company can actually be quite rewarding. Here are some of the pros and cons of starting a construction business. Continue reading Weighing the Pros and Cons Before Starting a Construction Business

How To Stop Spam Callers

Spam code callers, those phone calls where the person at the other end is trying to gather information, sell you something you don’t need or worse still, con you out of your hard-earned money, can be a pain at the best of times.

But for vulnerable people, these calls are more than a nuisance; they can be a genuine worry. If someone you know is being harassed or has the potential to fall victim to spam callers, they need to be protected. Following the tips below will help to keep nuisance calls to a minimum.

Register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)


You can register for free by calling 0845 070 0707, or through the TPS website. UK-based companies are prohibited from making unsolicited marketing or sales calls to numbers registered with the TPS. This is the case, even if the calls are being made from an overseas call centre. This won’t stop market research calls, calls from foreign-based companies or calls where you opted in to receive contact from companies, but it should reduce the number of unwanted calls.

Go ex-directory

Some companies get their calling lists from phone books. If you ask for your number to be ex-directory, companies will no longer be able to find your number in this way.

Bar unwanted calls

It is possible to block certain callers but you need to be careful that you are not barring genuine calls. Most unsolicited calls come from international or withheld numbers, so you could ask your phone provider to bar international or withheld numbers. However, this can be a tricky option because you could also inadvertently block family members or friends calling from a work phone where the number is automatically withheld.

Use a call blocking service

There are a number of companies which provide dedicated devices which plug directly into your landline, and allow you to screen the calls you receive. These can block numbers from certain groups (withheld numbers, international numbers, or numbers without caller ID), plus a limited number of specified numbers.

Employ somebody to do the work for you

Some companies and services such as www.callblocker.co.uk/ will work with you to stop routine nuisance calls from loan companies, PPI mis-selling salespeople and telesales companies. 

Keep your name off call lists

Under data protection laws, companies are prohibited from calling you for marketing purposes if you’ve asked to be kept off their marketing lists, even if you’re one of their customers. This is usually done by checking ‘opt out’ boxes at the time of purchasing a product or service, and all ‘opt out/opt in’ boxes should be considered carefully when purchasing items. You also have the option to contact a company retrospectively and ask them to remove you from their calling lists. They are legally obliged to do this if you ask.

Report offenders

Callers who breach TPS should be reported. The TPS will contact offending companies and can pass complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Suspected scams should be reported to Action Fraud. Silent calls should be reported to Ofcom, the regulator responsible for telecoms, or to your phone provider.


Image attributed: FreeDigitalPhotos.net / imagerymajestic

Source: http://www.which.co.uk/technology/phones/guides/ten-tips-to-stop-cold-calls/ 


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Benefits of Business Ethics Training for Your Workforce

Ethics. It’s a word that a lot of us are familiar with, although we may not use it in our everyday conversations. Basically all it means is that it’s a set of rules that help to remind people about what their code of conduct should be in order to provide a peaceful environment for themselves and those around them. Therefore, we’re pretty sure that you can see just why implementing business ethics training at your place of business is such a smart and important thing to do. Continue reading Benefits of Business Ethics Training for Your Workforce