Protecting Your Business From Extreme Weather

Whether your business is based in Britain or overseas, the impact of extreme weather can be very damaging and result in a serious loss of revenue. The effects of global warming are now being felt throughout the world, and contrary to popular opinion, this does not always involve and increase in temperature. Global warming can cause unpredictable wealth conditions, including very cold spells and high winds. In order to protect your business, it’s essential that you implement weather-proofing policies that will benefit staff and customers.

Plan Ahead

In order to limit the damage that adverse weather conditions can do to your business, it’s important to plan ahead. If your business doesn’t already have an inclement weather policy, it’s time to have one drawn up. All employees should be aware of what the rules are and what they should do in the event of extreme weather. No one wants to struggle all the way to work in difficult conditions to find that the building is closed. Your inclement weather policy should name the person(s) responsible for announcing closures and where employees will be able to find this information.

Working and Buying Remotely

Staff should be able to work from home in the event of extreme weather, preventing your business from losing the day’s labour. Contemporary businesses have the advantage of a wealth of technological solutions for remote communications, and bad weather conditions provide a perfect opportunity to use them. Google Docs allows employees to access customer information, contact lists and information about their daily tasks, all without entering the office. Every 21st Century business should have a strong online presence, and this will enable customers to keep shopping and stay in contact even during a spell of bad weather. Working and buying remotely is essential for keeping your business operational when unforeseen circumstances arise.

In the Event of Power Loss

Adverse weather conditions can have a big impact on things like power lines and electricity supplies. All businesses require power to remain functional, and if this is compromised, your company stands to make a significant loss of revenue. Retailers like Critical Power Supplies provide specialist generators for uninterruptible sources of power and these can be hugely advantageous for business preparing for a season of unpredictable weather. A generator will allow your business to remain up and running and profitable, regardless of the conditions outside. 

How to Create the Most Attractive Workplace for Employees

If you want to attract the top talent to your business, you have to provide employees with a workplace that they can be proud of. Staff need to feel valued and comfortable in their working environment before they will be able to really give the best of themselves, and as an employer or manager, it’s your job to make this happen.

Fostering Cooperation and Creativity

A positive atmosphere in the workplace is essential for productivity and employee motivation. Some businesses make the mistake of valuing high pressure and high stress environments, as they mistakenly believe that this will make their staff work harder and keep them on their toes. Stress actually reduces productivity and prolonged periods of stress can have a negative impact on the health of employees. Negative management techniques like shouting or using a bullying tone should be dispensed with altogether. Staff should feel like they are able to share creative ideas and make suggestions without being torn down or dismissed. If you are aware of any cattiness or backstabbing, this should be dealt with swiftly and eradicated. Employees must be encouraged to cooperate rather than compete with one another.

Promoting Health and Productivity

When you’re interviewing new candidates, if they choose to accept the position, you need to show them an office that they will be comfortable working in. Offices should be light and open, with plenty of windows and space for employees to sit during their breaks and lunch hours. Natural light has been proven to boost productivity, so make sure that your staff get as much of this as possible. Ikea have pledged to replace all light bulbs with LED lights by 2015, but you don’t have to wait that long. Retailers like Bright Lightz offer LED bulbs at competitive prices, and these give superior illumination to office environments during the winter months or late hours. Another bright idea is to provide employees with a choice of healthy options to snack on during the working day, and plenty of water coolers so that staff stay hydrated and are able to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Team Activities

Educate your team leaders in the importance of employee bonding. This can be done through the organisation of team activities like days out and socials, taking place outside work hours. If the members of a team get along with one another and feel well-liked among their colleagues, they will thrive in their working environment and be more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty in giving their best work.